The Great Debate.

Last Thursday Sarah and I, being the nerds that we are, went to an Atheist/ Theist debate on whether morality exists or not without God. This is how the evening went down...

We walked into the large theatre and everyone was hushed and the lights were dim. The Atheist was speaking and sort of introducing the topic. Where does morality come from? Is it something that's developed over time through evolution as an innate knowledge or are we given this sense of right and wrong by God? It was so interesting to see everybody's reactions because at the beginning nobody seemed to be taking any sides... they just wanted to get some information, but eventually as he continued speaking heads began to nod and people began to decide, based on a few misleading and twisted sentences, that he was right. As he distorted the ideas of Christianity and with the slip of his tongue made polluted phrases sound luscious people began to cheer whenever he had a quick snide comeback towards the Christian man. About half of the people openly supported the Atheist, a quarter openly supported the Christian man, and the other quarter seemed Christian but too timid to applaud the ideas of the Christian. I found this so interesting... Since when did being an Atheist become the norm? Where was Christianity? I think the most crucial point for people choosing Atheism over God was the great question everyone gets asked.

"How do you know?"

I just wanted to jump up and scream about the church and that we know. hah. But the question raises with them too? How do they know? But being in university I've learned one thing... When you have something brought to your attention everyday it doesn't matter what it is it starts seeming true. With science based schooling it's almost impossible to ignore the small questionings of my faith everyday.

the sign walking in.

        Sarah reading false teachings haha.

And some interesting statistics the Christian added:
Beginning university 50% of all students believe in a God
By the time they go on to get their graduate 33% believe.
Upon reaching the status of a professor 20% have maintained their faith.


But i would just like to say this debate wasn't all evil. It was great to see those who did believe in a God stand up and when students later on went up to ask the Atheist some questions they held their ground quite well against a man with a doctorate in theology. And I really enjoyed the defender of God in this debate. He wasn't afraid to deny evolution from molecular beings, he was proud of having a perfect, just God. It was lovely.

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