Oh To Be Young Again...

"Youth is a wonderful thing.  What a crime to waste it on children."  
-George Bernard Shaw

Visiting my grandparents, my grandpa had some amazing words of wisdom: 

"The greatest thing you can ever do in your life is give to someone and not receive anything back."
"You'll never be happy with just money."
"Always make sure your 4 wheel drive is on."
"Don't ever marry someone who's Japanese."
"Enjoy being young while you can, and pretend you're never going to get old."

The last two I would have to say I don't agree with. First of all, my grandma's Japanese and I think she's lovely; and second, I don't think I would mind getting old. I looked at all those retirees down there and they have the life. They wake up whenever they'd like, walk outside to beautiful weather, find yummy buffets, shop, quad, visit, swim or hot tub, and then relax at night or go out to eat. I think right there is where I would be completely happy. Sure they've earned it with years of hard work, wrinkles, and grey hair, but sometimes I work hard and I swear I see crows feet when I look in the mirror. Heck, I even bought loafers when i was down there (They are absolutely darling though... My new favorite item). I just don't understand why those people want to come and live my life when they're having their childhood all over again. Sure, my bones are more stable and I don't have diabetes or age spots but if it'd let me into that life I wouldn't mind breaking a finger and drawing some brown on my face. I can't wait to be old... but I guess I do enjoy having blonde hair and skin elasticity.

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  1. Well written and I agree with every word. It sure was fun wasn't it. I think we need to make this an annual event don't you? I found nothing more fun than seeing my 74 year old dad booting it around the desert on a quad.


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