Some people may say procrastination is the easy way out, but let me tell you it is exhausting. I sit here, watching Bourne Surpremacy, and my mind is wheeling. How many hours will I get to study today? Can I afford to finish this movie and still by chance do well on this test? I don't even know... But as much as it stresses me out I can't seem to get my legs to slide off the couch to the ground, pull myself up, and walk out the door to the library. Maybe I'll check how cold out it is for the 5th time... -9. Do I really have to go out when it's so cold? Perhaps I should shower and make some food so I can be mentally prepared. OR to make myself feel really good get all dressed up and do my hair nice so I can feel like a go-getter when I embark on this studious journey. 

Or, maybe i should just curl up in this fuzzy blanket of mine... Write a meaningless blog and see how this movie plays out. 

Ya, I think I'll do that. Perhaps at 2 I'll go study?

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  1. You could always go with option 3 you know the one where you quit all that stressful school stuff and come move in with me and we could be lazy all day and watch scary movies at night!!!


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