Crafty Cat

A summer description via phone pictures:

I was in a fake relationship for a whole day. My popularity went through the roof!

I tried to make a sculpture of janna.

Kelseys w/ braces!

I whipped out the double donkey.

I sat here a lot.

I was in a triathlon! Ok, ok, so I watched one. It kinda counts?

I hiked twice the whole summer haha. And my legs looked weird?

I grew to hate auto correct.

I wanted that thing around this ladies license. "Peace, Love, & Kittiness"

I showed off my assets in Idaho.

I became a baby whisperer.


I finger painted allllll day.

I visited Edmonton.

I painted children's faces.

I took pictures of Mitch's unnaturally long leg hair. Sorry you had to see this.

I made a little owl!

I bought these books for $27, regularly $80. Holla!

I took a picture of all us girls with fake red hair.

I said bye to my bud.

And then today I did a whole bunch of nothing:

I drew a bike.

I drew some bird cages and trees.

And then I drew a bike on a map.

I was really proud of myself. I am the least artistic person you'll ever meet so this was big.

It’s time for me to say goodbye to Southern Alberta. I always have mixed feelings this time of year. I can’t wait to go off and feel productive, but I also miss all the great food company at home. Today it rained and it was a nice little farewell gift I think; that kind of weather is my favorite. This was my last summer at home (hopefully?).  Next summer I’ll be in school and by the one after that hopefully I’ll have a job and be living somewhere else, or preferably in another country travelling while I wait for the next school year to start. Here’s to dreaming? Haha.

 Goodbye Magrath. You are the cutest little town, even if you have really bad mosquitoes and really crappy roads. You have been good to me this summer.


  1. That cannot really be leg hair?! We will miss you!

  2. My little jessi!! You were good for Southern Alberta this summer. All the best in Edmonton.


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