Oops, I Did It Again.

I dyed my hair again. 

What can I say? I have a deep desire to be a ranga. "But he's a ranga!"

I also read a few books and watched a few movies last week. Here are some gems I discovered.

This is one of those books you hear about all the time but never actually get around to reading. Well, I finally took the plunge and it was great. I honestly believe there are certain books that change how you look at things and this is one of them. Great writing, great idea, and great characters. After I put this down the word "wow" came out of my mouth. Actually. If I could meet Mitch Albom I would be a happy lass.

I don't even know where to begin. I've taken a few classes where we're taught to rip apart a persons writing. Most of the time (99% of the time) people write really similar. They use short sentences when making an urgent point, they talk about things they've only experienced personally, and they use description when they're trying to be sentimental. They leave the main point or as I like to call it, the big kazaam (in honour of Shaq), for the end of the paragraph because it seems more impacting. (I don't want you to think there's anything wrong with that, it's up to you how you write.) Sometimes though, you come upon a book that's written so differently that the impact of what they're saying in it, or not saying, is like a crater in your mind. Every word and every structure of a sentence means more not just to the plot but to you. You become the character and suddenly it's more than a book. This one is written from a child's point of view and all I can say is go read it yourself and be amazed too. 

Call me crazy, but I really liked this movie. It's nice, and rare, to see an actor like Zac Galifinaskis, who I sadly missed in Waterton, who's always "the funny" be in a more serious role and actually pull it off, unlike some people. Anybody remember Jack Black in King Kong? "It was beauty that killed the beast"... Barf! It's interesting so give it a try.

I. Loved. This. Movie. Ryan Gosling is great, the story is intriguing, and I can honestly say I was choked up multiple times. Heck, so was my dad. It's a different kind of story line and at first I wondered what the heck I was doing watching it but almost in the blink of an eye I was emotionally invested and realized the depth of it all. 

Looking over this list I can't help but think how weird they all must sound. The first one's about death, the second one's about a boy who is a captive in a room his whole life, the third about some kid in a psych ward and the fourth a guy in love with a doll. Please don't judge me? Just give them all a chance. They might not be "Twilight" or the new transformers movie, but I don't think that's a bad thing. They're different, and sometimes different is really refreshing.

Oh, and P.S. anyone have any other interesting reads or movies they wanna suggest?


  1. I read Sarah's Key by Tatiana de Rosnay today! I haven't read as much lately as I usually do but this book has made me miss reading. It was really sad but I recommend it if you're looking and haven't read it yet!

  2. I loved Lars and the real girl! SO cute. I needed a few new books so thanks.

  3. Jack Black in King Kong...hahaha hilarious. But I loved that Zach G movie...and Lars is the best. I cry when the doll dies every time.

  4. I agree with Jane about Sarah's Key. I really liked that one! I'm currently reading the hunger games over again, because I love them that much!


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