First World Pains

Sometimes life is so hard. People just don't understand what I have to go through! Here are some of my troubles I've had to face lately:

1. When my car windows aren't tinted enough and I have to pick my nose as sneakily as I can during a red light hoping the person beside me can't tell.

2. When I'm on the red river and craving my favourite ice cream and it's sold out in the store.

3. Drive-Thrus. They stress me out. I feel like I'm driving through an obstacle course every time. I'm trying  turn the corner, role down my window, grab my money, and turn down the music. Plus, simultaneously rehearsing my order so I don't have to repeat it more than once and can get that stuff in my mouth as quickly as possible.

4. Oh, and don't you hate when the cashier gives you a big pile of change and you can barely hold it in your hands and feel that you have to hurry your very fastest because she's already putting the next customer's things through? I just feel so rushed. Let me organize my wallet in peace!

5. When my sock half falls off my foot but I'm in bed and I just can't find the energy to reach down and fix it so I have to worry about it until I fall asleep.

6. I put my burner on too high today and burnt my grilled cheese sandwich.

7.I never got retweeted by Rainn Wilson when I tweeted him the other day. It was such a waste of a funny line.

8. I made Eggos, got dressed while they were in the toaster, and then forgot about them and had to eat them cold. It just didn't feel right not having the margarine melted before I put the syrup on.

9. My battery is dying while I write this blog post and my charger is across the room.

10. When you're playing on photo booth and you accidentally have it on video.

At least in the first video I'm with someone, but this one is just plain sad.

Oh, and P.S. please note that I am one hundred percent joking in this post... mostly.


  1. I'm laying in bed reading this. I watched the videos, and well I've got my retainer in and I wasn't prepared for the second one to be that funny. Spit all over myself. You are hilarious.

  2. hahahaha that second video is awesome

  3. i seriously am crying over that last video. hahahaa.

  4. These all sound like legitimate things you would complain and stress out about... seriously ;)


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