Love My Life- LML

Just some thoughts:

I love Kenny G.

Katy Perry is the only person who can kind of pull off braces. Look here. Me? I look like an idiot.
For some reason they make my eyes more squinty and my face fatter. 

I've been droppin' twitter bombs from the sky left and right! It's like Hiroshima over here!

My favorite thing is to make acronyms out of all my favorite sayings (LML you guys!) and nicknames for all of my friends lately. If you need a spicy appellation I will be of assistance. (p.s. I'm really happy I finally got to use that word)

I love Edmonton. It is a part of my soul & my heart. It's my home. I miss it. This weekend I had no intentions of visiting but at 11:30 at night on Friday a few of us decided a visit needed to be paid. Great quick little trip. I'm gonna give this one a 10/10 sir. It included: park play, joey's (of course), dancing game, the legislature, a pancake brunch, my first energy drink (ohhhh nelly), and dying of laughter.

Well I'm about to go take an hour to floss my teeth and prepare for summer camp tomorrow.
Paper mache day here I come!

Oh, and P.S. This is what entertained me the whole drive home.

Conn loves to do that while coming at you with a knife in hand. Creepy, yet oddly funny.

P.P.S. Does my blog look gay? It's been a long time coming. I was sick of learning, and living, and growing. Ya know?

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  1. Oh my freak! Connor is so good at that, and Kels I think braces look fine on you! Looks like a fun weekend...I miss those crazy days of YSA partying. Thanks for the HeyTell message ps. ;)


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