Yesterday I was having the best day feeling so content with my life. I've gotten the job I wanted, I got into school, I was able to be employed this whole summer, I've made some really great friends... And then today bombed because...
 I reversed into a truck. 
I won't say anything about it. I won't tell you that I blame the kid in my camp who was running across the street. I won't tell you that I was yelling at him and didn't realize I was still reversing (haha). I won't tell you that it was a 3 inch long scratch that is somehow costing 400 dollars. Really guys, don't ask, because I'm not saying anything about it. Oh well. 

Feeling furious I went and did something daring.


I dyed my hair dark.

Oh, and P.S. I hope everyone has a lovely Magrath Days weekend. We so excited!

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  1. sometimes a drastic change is all you need to erase a drastic incident! looks great!


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