I'm Lovin' It.

At any given time I smell like either suncreen, bug spray, or tanning lotion. My cheeks are always red because I'm usually burnt or running. My nails are never clean and sometimes it's necessary to jump off the bridge into the canal and call that a shower. I have colours all over my my shirts from showing kids how to paint a sunset and sore arms from pulling them out of trees or picking them up. If you could see hugs I would be covered in them. The streets have been painted by the tire skids of my bike and to me there's nothing better than sitting on the south side of town staring up at the windmills during the sunset. I have loved my summer. I've loved seeing old friends everyday, sitting back and reading a book, laughing all day at the funny things kids say, and watching family members bicker during a game of rook (or all the time? it's how we show our love). Today we took some cousins from California to Waterton and as soon as I got home two of my best buds were at my door ready for "a ride". I realized then how much I love the people around me today. I really am lucky; I am surrounded by so many fun and great people. This summer is climbing the charts.
I only took pictures today, here's to not being so lazy for the rest of the summer?

Nothing better than a Sunday nap haha.

Oh, and P.S. here's a funny story from last week. One day for camp we went out to a farm where there was a man made tire swing from a tractor tire. The thing was seriously huge. At the end of the day a girl was getting picked up from her mom and was happily telling her all that we had done that day. When she came to the part about the tire swing her eyes got big and she exclaimed: "Mom, it was huge. It was even bigger than Kelsey!"

My heart broke a little. It's a good thing she's cute.

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  1. HAHAHA! That was funny, you do know she meant you're tall right? My kids miss you like crazy (we all do) thanks for helping my boys have a super fun summer :) Wish we could of went to Waterton with you. (maybe next time) LUVS <3

    Angie K


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