Simmer Summer

Just an update of what I've been doing!

saying bye to some friends.
seeing david archuleta!
picking up my grandma?
going to Mexico and lasting 3 hours with my hair like this...

until I had to change to this hair style...
and then I got really sick for a day.
but i loved it and my parents are cute.
I tried to paint something... I'm terrible at it!
Angie and her fam came... and Dexter got a giant bump on his head.
I said goodbye to 906.
Went to Frank Slide!
Saw friends! 
Thunder in the Valley.
Pretty much saw this little lady, alot.
One of my favorite things...
Said goodbye to Darren as he went off to Cali.
I love this kid.
Played in the petting zoo.
These guys are cute.
Turned emo. Saaa! Taylor took  pictures of me when I was trying to nap.
Jace made friends. (so cute right?)

These two ladies got engaged! Along with half of the people I know...
And I took alot of creepy pictures of Katie and Nathan.
I've grown to love this place even more.
I told everyone Scott Leishman was giving this away for FREE! on Kijiji. It had to be removed due to so many phone calls. haha.

And you know, the usual summer stuff.


  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. My spelling was awful in that last one so I had to delete it....
    Anyway I love the picture of you that Taylor took so cute. also I stole the one of me and Dust (thanks).

  3. Revenge will be so sweet. I have so many ideas already.


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