What Did You Learn?

The other day an old lady from my ward stopped me and asked me how I was doing. I said: "oh fine, I'm just working for the town for the summer and then going back to the school." She asked where I was going, I said U of A. She asked if I liked it; I said most of the time. And then she asked, "Well what did you learn?"

Where do I even start?

I quickly told her about some of my classes and dashed off because the ice cream in my hand was melting and I hate with all of my heart melted ice cream. I couldn't help but speculate about what I actually did figure out.  A flood of things came to mind and then I jokingly said to myself, it would probably be a shorter list of what I didn't learn.

 I started to mentally make that list... It's not a short one, and definitely made me think about some things.

What I Didn't Learn This Year:

  • How to say thank you.
  • How to bite my tongue when I need to.
  • How to acknowledge that not everyone thinks like me and shares my opinion.
  • How people can wear black and brown accessories together.
  • What exactly curb stomping is... Someone explain?
  • How to paint my toenails without getting the polish everywhere.
  • That waxing hurts, everytime.
  • How to wear contacts for more than two consecutive days.
  • How to wear nice clothes to institute class, or brush my hair for it.
  • That I am in fact a ginger. I'm not admitting to this, but people have said I need to accept the facts.
  • How to accept my small bossoms. haha!
  • How to hang up clothes after I try them on.
  • How to hide my freckles.
  • How to stop picking my hang nails.
  • How to stop having people walk in on me while I'm changing.
Here's to next year, right?

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  1. welp...i could explain to you what curb stomping is, but i don't know how to put it in a less-graphic sentence.

    just watch american history x if you're THAT curious.

    as for accepting bosoms, it's ok, i haven't either. mine are just entirely too large i don't know what to do with them! sigh...


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