A Little Trip Down South

I don't even know where to start! So let's just split last weekend up in days then I'll talk about my great general conference experiences later!

Wednesday: I drove home, went to institute with some friends, and then hung out. I miss my friends more everytime I go down to visit. High school really was the life haha. 

Thursday: I hung out with Amy and Dustin and their kids later in the day which I was happy about because I wasn't sure if I was going to get to, packed, and our travelling group headed out to Idaho around 9. It was a really really late night. 

Friday: We didn't get to Rexburg until 5 and since Katelyn and I didn't want to wake up the people we were staying with we went for breakfast, which means I did not sleep once all Thursday night, it was exhausting. During the day though Scotty and Zack showed us around their campus, Katelyn and I passed out in a cafeteria in front of random strangers and slept for an hour, and later us four and Scott's siters went to The Last Song (super gay!) and just hung out. It was super chill and that was perfect because I was fried.

Saturday: We woke up early and took off for Salt Lake. Let me just say I have no gotten over my accident because I was jumping and freaking out the entire time. It also doesn't help that Scott likes to stop mere centimeters behind people. So I quickly went and saw Max (who is now an elder, so crazy!) and then took off for the afternoon session with Scott where we sat on the floor. First time ever that close and I loved it! It was such a great session!! We then went around temple square which I haven't done in years and then as the boys went off to priesthood us girls enjoyed some quick shopping and chill time. After that we tried the best little burger joint after driving to provo and then hung out with friends and enjoyed a movie.

Sunday: Woke up and watched the morning session (have I mentioned conference was fantastic this year?) and then drove quickly to get to the afternoon session. We were a little late and ended up losing our seats and sitting on the top balcony but I kind of liked it. It was really cool seeing so many people there and the messages were so great! After that we went and ate (I still feel bad) and then drove the long trip back to Rexburg where we laughed and joked the whole way there. Lots of fun!

There was alot more to the trip, but I'm a little lazy right now.

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