Raise Your Hand If You Loved Conference!

Seriously, conference was so fantastic. I loved how everything seemed to have this great theme and since topics aren't assigned you just know they were inspired! How great :) Here are a few of my favorite, not quite exact, quotes:

"But, there are absolute morals. There is the false belief that sin is relative and God is permissive."
"Faith does not come from study of ancient text, archeological digs, or science experiments. It comes from the witness of the holy ghost to our souls."
D. Todd Christofferson

Kiochi Aioyagi- I didn't get a specific quote, but I LOVED how he described serving a mission out of gratitude, not by duty. It was lovely and definitely one of my favorite talks, he was just so emotional and fervent about his testimony.

"Spiritual warnings must lead to increasingly vigilant watching."
"We should be doers of the word, not hearers only."
David A. Bednar- I love when he speaks, he just has this great knowledge about him.

"Immoral material are perceptions that can blast a crater into the mind."
"Love comes with open hands and an open heart, but lust comes with only an open appetite."
Jeffrey R. Holland- great one!

"We cannot gauge the measure of any soul anymore than we can measure the span of the universe."
"Love is the grand motive of the plan of salvation."
Dieter F. Uchtdorf- I just watched this movie that said the universe is forever expanding. Definitely made me think twice about that first quote by him.

"He [Christ] has the power to love so great, so overwhelming it surpasses the human capacity to express it in words."
Richard G. Scott

"Joy and opposition are not contradictory, they are complimentary." 
Donald L. Hallstrom

"It is appropriate to disagree, it is not appropriate to be disagreeable."
Quentin L. Cook

"Two men can do anything as long as one of them is the Lord."
Neil L. Anderson

“There is no greater good in all the world than motherhood. The influence of a mother in the lives of her children is beyond calculation.”
Bradley D. Foster quoting James E. Faust

And that's only a few, it was such a great one!


  1. 2 hands raised!! Pres. Monson's talk from Priesthood session was my favourite. I think the talks are up on lds.org now too.

  2. I'm raising my hands too. My favorite was Sunday afternoon when Elder Foster spoke. I don't know why but I just cried like a little girl. Loved conference and wished I could have been there in person. Maybe next time.

  3. Loved it (well at least the parts I got to hear I loved)!!!


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