Help Wanted: PLEASE!

Before you read this post, I need you to promise me something. Promise me you'll please give me some advice in the little comment box on the bottom, ok? Thanks. You may now proceed.

I'm going to California for reading week and I am unbelievably excited. My grandparents live down there in the winter and I got to see them two years back during this same time. It's a blast! But there's just one problem you see... I will be wearing a swimsuit the majority of the time and I'm not feeling too good about it.

You know how everyone comes back from Christmas and they say: "Ugh, I gained sooo much weight over Christmas! I'm so fat!" Yet they don't look any different? That was not the case for me. I was averaging about 4 hearty meals a day and constantly snacking which has lead to tight pants and even tighter shirts. I am one of those people who actually looked different after Christmas. I have no self control, ok? Anyways, January came quick and passed even quicker and before I knew it it was half over and I realized I was leaving for Cali in a month. I started to panic and headed off to my basketball game with the mentality that I was going to get fit from that day on. Well, I sprained my ankle 30 seconds into that game. Or I think I sprained it? It's actually still really bruised and hurts... Is that worse than a sprain? Not important.

I can't do physical activity like run or, well, walk quickly. Which means that I now have to turn to healthy eating. I HATE EATING HEALTHY. I basically live on salsa and Tostitos chips, and everyone in my house loves to bake cookies (which I am not complaining about) and then encourage me to eat half of them. Ok, they don't encourage it... But they don't stop it. So in reality they are encouraging it. I'm sure you're bored by this post by now and I hate this talk too, but I am desperate. So, here is your task:

1. Go down to the comment box
2. Give me a tip on how to lose weight or somehow burn some calories without hurting myself.
3. Or, if you'd like, give me a link or write out an easy healthy recipe I could use in the next two weeks.

PLEAAAAAAASE. I know I could look in other places but I trust your opinions and lately pinterest has failed me. Plus, I really don't want to have to turn to pajama jeans...



  1. you should try jillian michaels' "30-day shred", it's just 20 minutes a day and really not all that bad. i have only been doing once or twice a week but i think it said you'd have the best results if you did it 4-5 days a week.

    drinking lots of water helps too. oh and not eating past 8pm.

    wow...maybe i should take my own advice?

  2. Have some self control! I lost 20 pounds after moving out of that cookie-loving house.

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  4. ok well i can't read without commenting since you made us PROMISE so my advice is...eat some salad and i was going to say work out but realized you said you couldn't...but even if you just go for a laazy stroll u will feel better! i doubt you have any weight to lose in the first place, but i never lose weight so i stopped trying because it just made me awful to be around. i just focus on feeling good about myself...and eating veggies and going for the odd lazy jog seems to do the trick! even if i eat 20 cookies after. i easily impress myself.

    oh and i love the 30 day shred too...you'd just have to skip all the jumping parts. oh and turn the volume off or u might shoot your TV.

  5. Kels PLEASE don't wear pajama jeans! Sorry to tell you but you have to eat healthy to be healthy. It's not to hard, I work best with rewards. So if you had a good eating day and (some what of a workout) reward yourself with a little treat. ( I like skinny cows) but choose your own, I agree with girl untitled don't eat after 8.

    Angie K

    p.s. By the way your not FAT, FLUFFY, or anything even close. I would know, I have been fat and I would tell you. That is all!!!

  6. dearest kelsey
    -you are perfect and you know it. more importantly i know it, and trust me. i look at chubby people all day long. so enjoy your metabolism...there are people i know who would kill you for it. literally. haha
    just got lay in a hot yoga room and sweat out whatever water retention you think you are feeling today..

    sincerely, your "oh so wise" sister...meg

  7. Crap. I should be taking advice rather than giving it.

    I guess I would say diddo to everyone else who has commented, and add that crunches are always a simple workout that pay off! You are in NO WAY fat, and I have always loved you for your tall, lean figure and your ability to not drink pop! Good on ya Miss All Natural.


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