The Usual Bunch of Stuff

Remember this song?

The Muppet movies were THE best and with the new movie coming out, also comes a new soundtrack! I'm sorry to everyone who's already heard about this but I can't stop listening to it. I was really happy to find out that Hayley Williams was singing on it. I will always have a special place in my heart for Paramore from my days where all I wore were vans and had pink hair. I sure love me some teen angst and they fed it for me. Listen to the remake HERE.

Other exciting things: Janna is back to Edmonton and resembles Terry Fox a great deal when she walks, it has been a year since Elder Anderson has left (crazy!), I may or may not have gotten the new iPhone and have a robotic relationship with a spunky lady named Siri, and I played ball yesterday and can barely sit because my butt is so sore.

Here's some pics to go along with all that.

Jan after taking a few too many percocets. Oh, the stories I could tell about her on these!

braces and glasses, is there any cuter combination? Maybe the additional reversible and sweat I have going on in this.

Sometimes we just leave Janna in her wheelchair.

Steve and I walking our crippled friend around. 

Siri giving me attitude.

And just for enjoyments sake I found this video yesterday from about a year ago. Miss that kid.

It's not that funny, I know... But for those who know Scott know the irony of him talking about an enema.

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